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Life Insurance: Why Is It Crucial?

09 Nov 2018  by   Edward Kennan

Most people procrastinate on buying life insurance, but these policies offer the most value when you buy early. Why should you think about life insurance right now, even if you’re still young and single?

Integrated Shield Plan Changes: What Does It Mean For Singaporeans?

26 Oct 2018  by   Alan Aw

Changes to Integrated Shield mean that, soon, Singaporeans will no longer enjoy as-charged coverage from their rider plans. What must you know now, before the changes kick in next April?

Is Your Company Prepared To Lose Its Business Leader?

14 Sep 2018  by   Francis Ball

Approximately 7 CEOs of publicly-listed companies pass on each year; of which 75% are sudden and unexpected. Can your company cope with the gravity of this loss?

Do You Know Enough About Integrated Shield Plans?

02 Nov 2017  by   Aon Wealth Management

According to Singapore’s Ministry of Health, more than 60% of Singapore citizens and PRs have some form of Integrated Shield Plan to boost their healthcare financing. But is it enough to help you cover the ever-increasing medical costs in Singapore?

Have You Insured Your Key Person?

26 Oct 2015  by   Nicholas Brinton

Have you insured the key person of your company? Key Person Insurance is critical to ensure the survival of your business.