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How to Begin Your Human Capital Analytics Journey?

26 Oct 2017  by   Arun Taneja

Human capital is the scarcest resource in the world today, yet it’s still not being measured as effectively and efficiently as financial capital. Why must organisations institutionalise their human capital analytics, and how can they begin the journey?

Why Must HR Let Data Drive Decisions, Every Day?

28 Apr 2017  by   Jeremy Andrulis

HR makes many decisions every day, and while most may be tactical, they add up to create the overall employee experience and impact business. How can data transform the landscape for HR?

HR Digitisation—How Can Digital Strategies Transform Employee Engagement?

06 Oct 2015  by   Anand Shankar

Are you worried about how to engage with a more aware and connected workforce? Read this post to discover how HR Managers can transform employee experience and turbocharge engagement with a digital mindset.

How Can HR Adopt an Analytics Lifestyle to Drive Performance?

09 Sep 2015  by   Stephen Hickey

Many parts of business, including finance, sales, marketing, and supply chain are leveraging data and analytics to predict business outcomes and take more informed decisions. It's high time HR functions also adopt an analytics lifestyle to drive performance. Here are four tips on how they can start.