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HR Digitisation—How Can Digital Strategies Transform Employee Engagement?

06 Oct 2015  by   Anand Shankar

Are you worried about how to engage with a more aware and connected workforce? Read this post to discover how HR Managers can transform employee experience and turbocharge engagement with a digital mindset.

Are Singapore Companies Doing Enough to Help Their Employees Plan for Retirement?

15 Sep 2015  by   Shikha Gaur

Singapore is experiencing a rapidly ageing population and increasing life expectancy. Are companies doing enough to help their employees plan for their retirement? Aon Hewitt's survey on Retirement and Financial Wellness for Singapore employers reveals there are large gaps in their current retirement provisions.

How Can HR Adopt an Analytics Lifestyle to Drive Performance?

09 Sep 2015  by   Stephen Hickey

Many parts of business, including finance, sales, marketing, and supply chain are leveraging data and analytics to predict business outcomes and take more informed decisions. It's high time HR functions also adopt an analytics lifestyle to drive performance. Here are four tips on how they can start.

Why Should HR Worry About Financial Wellness?

19 Aug 2015  by   Belinda Barclay

Employees are under intense pressure to perform and deliver results. This fast-paced environment can evolve into a disengaged and unproductive workforce. HR managers are now looking to design Financial Wellness programmes for their employees to secure their future and boost engagement.

How are China's State Owned Enterprises Transforming HR?

05 Aug 2015  by   Michele Lee

Globalisation and an increasingly competitive environment have caused China’s State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to start transforming their HR functions. However the special status that these SOEs enjoy in the Chinese society and decades-old HR practices have made this an uphill task. Here are some HR interventions which they should be looking at immediately to transform their businesses.

How Can CEOs in Asia Unleash the Right Talent Outcomes?

24 Jul 2015  by   Gitansh Malik

The war for talent shows no signs of abating in Asia. CEOs can play a key role in driving their talent strategy and arming their organisations with competitive business advantage. Read this article to learn how Best Employers are going about it.

How To Improve Employee Engagement?

15 Jul 2015  by   Boon Chong Na

Overly simplistic views of engagement as a generic indicator of employee attitudes and opinions often fail. Managers need to take a tailored approach by aiming for the right engagement outcomes and addressing key specific drivers. Aon Hewitt's Say, Stay, and Strive engagement model would be a good starting point to do this.

Why Should HR Worry About Internet of Things?

15 Jun 2015  by   Nina Xiao

Internet of Things (IoT) will disrupt workplaces and will pose a new set of challenges for the function of HR. Read this article to learn more about the impact of IoT and what HR Managers can do to attract, reward and engage technical talent.

Singapore SMEs—What Are The Drivers For Employee Engagement?

08 Jun 2015  by   Alexis Saussinan

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) form a very significant part of Singapore’s economy. However they are facing an uphill task to attract, motivate and retain talent to sustain and grow their business. Here are some research-based recommendations on the drivers of employee engagement for SMEs.