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Is the Annual Employee Engagement Survey Dead?

15 Sep 2017  by   Stephen Hickey

Now more than ever, employers must change the way they think about keeping employees engaged. How do continuous feedback, insight, and action transform the approach to employee engagement?

Are ‘Prisoners’ Weighing Down Your Workplace?

29 Dec 2016  by   Stephen Hickey

Employees who are engaged perform better, are more committed, and are more motivated at their jobs. Workplace prisoners on the other hand, do the exact opposite. What do they look like, and what should organisations do about them?

How Can HR Adopt an Analytics Lifestyle to Drive Performance?

09 Sep 2015  by   Stephen Hickey

Many parts of business, including finance, sales, marketing, and supply chain are leveraging data and analytics to predict business outcomes and take more informed decisions. It's high time HR functions also adopt an analytics lifestyle to drive performance. Here are four tips on how they can start.