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10-Year Challenge: How has Work Experience Changed?

04 Apr 2019  by   Mina Morris

The Middle East has experienced tremendous change in the last decade, and there are a number of key trends that are transforming work 'experience'. This blog post takes a look at the key changes, as well as some clear, irreversible trends that will shape the future of work.

How Should Organisations Embrace Failure, and Why?

14 Jul 2017  by   Mina Morris

Failures often result in reputations being tarnished and careers getting tainted. So how can leaders foster an environment that embraces measured risk-taking and encourages innovation, while accepting that failures may be part of the journey?

How Can Talent Assessments Work in a Multicultural Context?

28 Oct 2016  by   Mina Morris

Over 75% of Fortune 500 companies deploy psychometric testing in some form for employee assessments, yet many line managers do not trust the data and output. How can you make talent assessments work harder and better, especially for a multicultural workforce?