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How Did Hackathons Inspire the DBS HR Team?

09 Nov 2017  by   Boon Chong Na

It has been a full-circle moment for the HR team at DBS, having first driven the staff hackathon initiative in 2015. How did Aon’s Best of the Best Employers Singapore 2017 achieve their digital transformation success?

Does Collective Ambition Drive Business Growth?

04 Aug 2017  by   Boon Chong Na

Collective ambition is when the leadership team is united under a singular vision, purpose, and aspiration, fuelled by leaders who are both competitive and collaborative. How does this leadership model create strong impact on business performance?

Are Your Leaders Engaging Enough?

23 Dec 2016  by   Boon Chong Na

The engagement of many is held in the hands of a few. How can your leaders be engaging individuals themselves, to drive engagement in others?

Do Your Leadership Programmes Drive Business Growth?

15 Apr 2016  by   Boon Chong Na

Despite significant investments in leadership development, many organisations still struggle to discover strong leaders who can move their business forward. How can organisations ensure their leadership programmes are delivering business results? Read on for the answers.

What If You Get Passed Over For A Promotion?

23 Mar 2016  by   Boon Chong Na

According to the Aon Hewitt Best Employers 2015 study, ‘career opportunities’ is one of the top engagement drivers for employees. So what can you do if that promotion passes you by? Read on to find out.

How to Benchmark Your Talent Practices for Competitive Advantage?

03 Nov 2015  by   Boon Chong Na

Do you wonder how your talent practices compare with others? Read this post to transform your benchmarking and gain competitive advantage.

How To Improve Employee Engagement?

15 Jul 2015  by   Boon Chong Na

Overly simplistic views of engagement as a generic indicator of employee attitudes and opinions often fail. Managers need to take a tailored approach by aiming for the right engagement outcomes and addressing key specific drivers. Aon Hewitt's Say, Stay, and Strive engagement model would be a good starting point to do this.