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Integrated Shield Plan Changes: What Does It Mean For Singaporeans?

26 Oct 2018  by   Alan Aw

Changes to Integrated Shield mean that, soon, Singaporeans will no longer enjoy as-charged coverage from their rider plans. What must you know now, before the changes kick in next April?

Your CPF Savings: To Invest or Not to Invest?

06 Jul 2018  by   Alan Aw

Singaporeans enjoy a relatively high guaranteed interest on their CPF savings; however, they also have an opportunity to invest their CPF monies for potentially higher returns. So what is the ‘right’ decision—and is there even one?

CPF Nomination: Why Must Singaporeans Take Action?

18 May 2018  by   Alan Aw

A Will typically covers assets such as property, car, bank savings, and insurance policies, but it won’t cover your Central Provident Fund (CPF) account. So, what happens to all that money you’ve accumulated over decades of work if you don’t nominate a beneficiary for when you pass away?