Why Must HR Refresh and Reboot Right Now?

To align business strategies with talent retention, HR needs to refresh & reboot its functions & roles to achieve 5 key outcomes (KPIs). Discover them with Aon Hewitt.

Why Must HR Refresh and Reboot Right Now?

17 Jun 2016 by  Vikrant Khanna

HR is at a crossroads. As organisations look to align their talent strategies with business strategies to impact financial results, the HR function grows increasingly critical in the co-creation and delivery of business outcomes.

Business is changing at the speed of light, the collaboration of man and machine is reconfiguring the nature of work, and talent expectations/aspirations are evolving with each generation. As speed, agility, and innovation become a norm in a digital world, HR must refresh and reboot and arrive at 5 key outcomes:

Refresh and reboot HR

1. Actualise Culture

Culture is the binding force between the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, bringing together the aspirations of the workforce with those of the business, strengthening engagement, and lowering turnover rates. A strong culture also makes an organisation an attractive employer to the best talent.

2. Future-proof the Business through Capability

Businesses must take a long-term view of their talent pipeline, by understanding the capabilities they have today and how these capabilities will be relevant in the future—at all levels and for all skills across the organisation.

3. Deliver on Experience and Aspirations

When organisations view employees as customers, they can get to the head and hearts of their employees with a real, relevant, and consistent brand promise across all employee touch points. This brand promise includes a higher purpose, meaningful work, the opportunity for achievement of personal aspirations, and an appealing organisational culture.

4. Enable High Performance

High performance organisations have clear accountability for strategic goals, which are well communicated and understood by their employees, which helps them reward and recognise their prime talent and provide challenging growth opportunities that meet the future needs of the organisation.

5. Influence Change

In empowering organisations towards the future, HR will play the role of driver as well as facilitator. The journey to achieving these outcomes needs wilful collaboration and not power plays; shifting mindsets and not directives; storytelling and not numbers—and the overall cooperation of leaders, people managers, and employees.

Never before has HR been faced with such a challenge that comes with the opportunity to co-create business results rather than just delivering on them. The refresh and reboot of HR starts now—with a refresh that changes perspectives and re-looks at what really matters to business and the workforce; and a reboot on the way talent management runs and capabilities for the new world at work.

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Vikrant Khanna

Vikrant Khanna leads Insights and Innovation for Aon Hewitt in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. In this role, he is mandated with both curation and go-to-market for the firm’s thought leadership, research and new solutions. Vikrant is also part of Aon Hewitt’s Global Analytics Practice responsible for driving talent analytics that empower businesses. He is passionate about subjects such as the future of work, macro talent development, change as a critical capability and the convergence of talent and technology.

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