So, You Have High Potential Employees—Now What?

Most top organisations invest significantly in high potential programmes, but how can they get the most value out of their high potential employees?

So, You Have High Potential Employees—Now What?

9 Jun 2016 by  Dr. John Chan

In Asia Pacific, 97% of organisations in Aon Hewitt’s Top Companies for Leaders® research reported that they have some type of high potential programme in place—investing significant resources in refining their ability to identify, develop, and retain their high potential employees.

Yet for most of these organisations, the effort stops there. Instead of effectively utilising their best and brightest talent to solve real business issues, high potential employees are often kept in the wings on succession plans or placed in different but existing roles. Which is akin to buying a sports car, then keeping it in the garage and never driving it. A huge missed opportunity!

High Potential Employees

How can your business get the most value out of your high potential employees?

High potential employees have the ability to be more strategic and innovative, so instead of placing them in existing roles that can be filled by others, focus their minds on forward-facing business problems. Imagine the value of piloting a business strategy with your high potential employees before making the shift for the entire organisation!

Other opportunities for them include:

  • Working on a business strategy, model or idea for the future, with access to the resources to succeed and being allowed to fail; and delivering feedback on how to best move the idea and organisation forward.
  • Creating a disruptor for the organisation or industry, by moving beyond tweaking your products, and instead, reinventing them completely.
  • Putting together a cross-functional team to solve a complex issue that otherwise is too difficult for any one group to handle.

Exploring new ideas and strategies is also one of the best ways to test your high potential programme. If it doesn’t feel like your high potential employees can achieve this level of stretch goals, maybe it’s time to revaluate your high potential programme to ensure that it’s aligned to your specific goals and business strategy.

After all, the whole point is to utilise the talents of your high potential employees to sustain your organisation’s competitive advantage. You have them; now use them to their potential.

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Dr. John Chan

Dr. John Chan is the talent and rewards program manager for APAC MEA at Aon. He has over 15 years’ of experience in talent management supporting a wide range of human capital initiatives for local and MNC organisations both as an external consultant and corporate roles. He is based in Sydney and is a frequent speaker on HR topics.

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