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Aligning Non-Executive Directors Remuneration Expectations with Shareholder Interests

01 Aug 2019  by   Rahul Chawla & Jacob Tan

Shareholders and remuneration committees have been very active in the second quarter of 2019, with multiple reports of instances where shareholders raised questions on NED pay. In this second post of a two-part series, we will explore some common ways Boards can better align NED remuneration to shareholder interests.

China Going Global: What Are the Key Trends and Outlook?

To better understand how these Chinese enterprises are performing globally, Aon conducted a study of nearly 100 companies spanning 10 key industries.

Psychometrics: 10 Indisputable Truths

23 May 2019  by   Aon’s Assessment Solutions

Psychometric assessments have been used for decades to give employers extra information when deciding who to hire or promote. The use of such assessments continues to grow.

Is China becoming a threat to Silicon Valley in the talent war?

09 May 2019  by   Ravi Nippani

In 2018, China made giant strides in the technological sector, with industry observers reporting that it has been luring talent away from Silicon Valley. Is Silicon Valley under serious threat?

Compensating Non-Executive Directors for Skills, Experience, and Time

18 Apr 2019  by   Rahul Chawla & Jacob Tan

Are non-executive directors being fairly remunerated for their skills, experiences, and time? In this first post of a two-part series, we will explore some common questions that Boards are deliberating upon.

10-Year Challenge: How has Work Experience Changed?

04 Apr 2019  by   Mina Morris

The Middle East has experienced tremendous change in the last decade, and there are a number of key trends that are transforming work 'experience'. This blog post takes a look at the key changes, as well as some clear, irreversible trends that will shape the future of work.

Should You Be Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Talent Assessments?

21 Mar 2019  by   Matti Jaakkola

When we think of artificial intelligence (AI), many of us will cast our minds forward a few hundred years, to a world where every function could be managed by a robotic machine. However, even today, organisations are already beginning to benefit from the tools that power artificial intelligence, particularly when it comes to recruitment and talent assessment.

Grit, Determination and Diligence

07 Mar 2019  by   Richard Justenhoven

Grit. Perseverance. Determination. Call it what you will, we tend to think of these characteristics as essential foundation for success. Indeed, some say that a high rating on 'grit' is what marks out high achievers from the rest.

Rewards Trends in Asia for 2019

21 Feb 2019  by   Alexander Krasavin

Where multinational companies once had their pick of skilled talent thanks largely to higher pay premiums, they now find themselves competing in a tight labor market where employees are often attracted to local companies for a variety of reasons. What does this mean for Asia?

Focus on Employee Engagement to Drive Your 2019 Business Goals

07 Feb 2019  by   Dima Dimashkieh

Being named an “Aon Best Employer” is about much more than an office full of happy employees. Best Employers report 50% higher total shareholder return (TSR) than the market average, reflecting the impact a highly engaged workforce has on overall business performance. How does it work?