Small businesses

Plan, protect, and sustain the success of your small business in Singapore.

Small business

Small businesses play a significant role in the economy and are the lifeblood of many communities. As a small business owner in Singapore, there are many factors for you to consider when planning, protecting, and sustaining the success of your business. You and your key people are time-poor, and seek sensible advice to cover your key risks around people to ensure the sustainability of your business.

Aon can help you with advice and solutions to protect you, your business, and all those who stand to benefit from its success, now and in the future.

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  • Executive Compensation
    Board Evaluation
    Executive Compensation
    Equity Plan Design & Valuation
    Director’s Fee Review
  • Organisation Effectiveness
    Productivity & Workforce Planning
    Organisation Design & Structuring
    Performance Management System & KPI Setting
    HR Transformation
  • Retirement & Investment
    Actuarial Valuation
    Benefits Review
    Executive Advisory
    Retirement Benefits
    Financial Wellness
  • Rewards & Compensation
    Job Evaluation
    Broad-Based Compensation
    Incentive Design
    Total Rewards Communication
    Salary Structure Design
    Salary & Benefits Benchmarking
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
    Compensation Design
    Sales Force Assessment
    Sales Value Proposition
    Sales Performance Management
    Sales Structure Design
    Sales Communication
    Sales Governance
  • Talent Management
    Employer Branding
    Leadership Development
    Talent & Leadership Assessment
    Succession Planning
    Hi-Potential Identification
    Employee Engagement
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