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Are you faced with a high number of applicants, or just can’t differentiate between them due to similarity of qualification and experience? Perhaps you’re competing for very scarce talent, or struggling to standardise your processes across multiple locations? Or does it just take too long to get from application to start-date?

Pinpoint the Best People, Reduce Time-to-hire, and Save Cost

These are some of the many challenging scenarios recruiters around the world are facing. Aon's innovative online measurement instruments provide a reliable basis for your selection and development decisions. Our tools are built on the solid foundations of research and psychometrics and are short, meaningful and user-friendly.

Aon helps companies identify people with the right capabilities and cultural fit to deliver optimal business results. No matter whether screening, selection, management development, team building or organisational development—Aon provides intelligent instruments for HR professionals and line managers.

We work with you to ensure that your candidate assessment process is a seamless and effective one, based on industry best practices and designed to deliver proven results:

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vidAssess: Take job interviews to the next level

Now that every smartphone and tablet possesses a built-in camera and candidates are comfortable with video calling (via apps such as FaceTime and Skype), every recruitment team needs to understand that video interviews have changed: Data-driven video assessment is the future and will make your hiring process more efficient and effective.

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ADEPT-15: Hire candidates who are wired for engagement

What if you could predict someone's engagement before they became an employee? By assessing candidates on certain traits, your organisation can determine whether or not your applicants will be engaged employees. Combine your hiring practices with their engagement goals with Aon’s Adaptive Employee Personality Test (ADEPT-15), a scientifically-based assessment designed to accurately uncover 15 unique aspects of an individual’s personality to help you hire, promote, and develop the very best talent.

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Smart Predict: Boost candidate engagement while assessing their potential

Optimised for smart phones, Smart Predict heightens candidate engagement using game-style elements that also serve to measure capability and potential through validated psychometric assessments. The gaming experience is particularly liked by early career applicants who appreciate the challenging, interactive, and mobile nature of these tests.

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About Aon’s Assessment Solutions

Aon’s Assessment Solutions is part of Aon’s global offering in talent solutions, helping clients achieve sustainable growth by driving business performance through people performance. Aon’s Assessment Solutions group, including the cut-e and cocubes brands, undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.