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Benefits Index and plan design

Aon’s Benefits Index is a proprietary premier benchmarking tool for broad-based and high-cash-value benefits. The model is not restrictive to a standard number of data inputs, and can be efficiently tailored to your organisation's needs. The higher the number of plan specifications, higher would be the accuracy in results.

Aon's Value Proposition

  • Measure competitiveness of benefits plan design and overall positioning of benefits programmes

  • Derive value of benefit with heterogeneous factors and riders

  • Communicate this value of benefit

  • Improve the overall value of benefit plan

  • Bring consistency in approach

To illustrate each comparison, Aon's Benefits Index uses easy-to-understand 'speedometers' that showcase, at a glance, which of your benefit programmes are below average, above average, or average, as well as how the total value of the programme stacks up against similar organisations. You can refine your benefit index report by adding different scenarios, such as modeling the impact of future design changes, or creating comparisons with Aon Best Employers.

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