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Total rewards statement

Your organisation is making a very significant investment in providing employees with compensation, benefits and other programmes. Are you getting the maximum return? Do your employees understand the dollar value of your total rewards? Retaining and attracting the best talent is a compelling challenge for a lot of organisations, and you must highlight your offer in a powerful, relevant and meaningful way.

Aon Hewitt's Total Reward Statement helps you to:

  • Communicate Total rewards extensively and openly
  • Value or articulate all elements of total rewards
  • Articulate the company's unique employee value propositions
  • Customise to the targeted audience

Communicate your substantial investment to each employee. Produce personalised total rewards statements using Aon Hewitt's innovative system. Not only is it cost-effective, the system has the ability to produce statements for potential new hires. What better way to onboard the best talent—provide them with a total rewards statement even before they start work.

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