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Employee preferences and rewards optimisation

An effective Total Rewards Strategy is forward-looking and aspirational, yet grounded in and aligned to data on competitiveness, cost, talent requirements, and what employees truly value.

With the 'Employee Preference Survey' we can help you to accurately understand your workforce's preferences regarding rewardsnot only what employees say they'd like more of, but what they'd trade-off in order to get it.
TRO is a preference measurement tool that helps optimise plan costs and employee preferences to increase ROI on compensation spending. It evaluates alternative reward structures to determine the optimal outcomes for youproviding a roadmap to increase your organisation's engagement for the same or lower cost.
Our approach is simple:

  • AskMeasure perceptions and how trade-offs are made through a simple user-friendly survey

  • AnalyseLearn how perceptions compare, what is most important to employees, and what your value drivers are

  • OptimiseBasis survey results, identify top two or three packages offering optimisation opportunities, basis impact on cost, employee satisfaction, alignment with market and business objectives

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