Financial wellness and retirement

Retirement consulting

For a board of trustees, day-to-day business imperatives can come in the way of functioning—leading to compromise and shortcuts on several key processes around trustee meetings, investment, and compliance management. Through Aon's extensive research in this area, we are equipped to aid your board of trustees by effectively monitoring risk and compliance responsibilities. Our expertise also enables you to develop a compliant, efficient, and sustainable trust management system, saving time and effort for your boards of trustees.

Governance framework value proposition

  • Complete compliance with legislation including licensing and registration requirements, drafting deed of variations and resolutions necessitating changes to policies and interfacing with regulatory authorities

  • Effective provision of a robust, reliable method for record-keeping and compliance management

  • Enhanced monitoring of vendors/service providers, such as PF investment advisors and administrators, pension (NPS) intermediaries and fund managers (life insurance companies)

Aon’s Integrated Solutions Model

  • Aon advises clients on various aspects of trust functioning throughout the life cycle. The Integrated Solutions Model caters to all activities from trust start-up to other ongoing requirements from start-up to closure

  • Ongoing compliance requirements

  • Policy amendments and process improvements

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