Financial wellness and retirement

Financial well-being education and communications

As competition intensifies for Singapore's top talent, companies are now looking to better differentiate themselves. One way of doing so is by re-examining the benefits offered to employees. Another way is to better communicate their total rewards package.

Forward-thinking organisations have begun to incorporate well-being, and specifically financial well-being, into their benefits and total rewards agenda. Increasingly, and given the diversity of employees within an organisation, a 'one size fits all' approach is not ideal. This translates into the need for targeted education and communications.

The value of financial well-being education and communications

We can help you incorporate well-being into your total rewards philosophy, and communicate the value of your employees’ total rewards package to help them better understand what they're getting. We have the financial well-being resources and expertise to help you deliver effective programmes that empower your employees to maximise their financial positions, while increasing the perceived value of their total rewards package.

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